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  • The RightOutTV Music & Video Awards competition is open to artists, bands and webseries writers who identify as Out Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI).
  • For all videos submitted, you must own the necessary rights, copyrights, permissions and/or licenses for use of all content, including but not limited to video, music, other audio, production and photos.
  • All songs submitted must be the original work of the submitted artist or band. 
  • Video and song submissions will be accepted after the Video and song Submission Form is completed and payment is received. You will receive a confirmation email from RightOutTV once it has been determined that you meet all qualifications and requirements.
  • The eligibility period for all awards categories includes all videos and songs released between September 25, 2013 and September 29, 2014, unless otherwise specified on the Categories page. 
  • You may submit more than one video or song per category.
  • Your video must be on a player such as Vimeo or YouTube and you must provide your URL.
  • Your song must have a player URL such as SoundCloud, ReverbNation or YouTube.
  • This is a global music and video awards competition. RightOutTV welcomes submissions from artists, bands and web series writers from all countries.  
  • In the category of Fan Fave Artist, you are permitted to vote only one time and you may vote for yourself.
  • The winners of The RightOutTV Music & Video Awards are determined by Industry professionals chosen by RightOutTV. 
  • The winner of the Fan Fave Artist Award will be determined by a calculation of votes from fans.
  • One award will be presented in each category.
  • There will be a maximum of five (5) nominees in each category, except in the case of tied scores. 
  • By submitting a video or song, you are accepting and agreeing with all rules, terms and conditions of entry as outlined by RightOutTV.
  • Marlee Walchuk and Nathalie Callender are excluded from entry as Sugarbeach and will have no part in judging videos or determining winners.

   Terms & Conditions
  • The RightOutTV Music & Video Awards acknowledge, promote and honor the achievements of International Out GLBTI artists. The RightOutTV Music & Video Awards are an initiative of RightOutTV and Pink Productions (Canada). RightOutTV, RightOutTV Music Video Awards and Pink Productions (Canada), and its partners and associates who manage and operate the awards are not responsible for protecting your copyright. 
  • Correspondences with judges during or after the competition is not permitted, unless you were previously associated with a RightOutTV judge.
  • All decisions made by RightOutTV Music & Video Awards judges are final. 
  • The RightOutTV Music & Video Awards judging process and the assignment of judges to each category is confidential.  
  • RightOutTV has authorized the presentation of 17 Awards on RightOutTV.com, RightOutTV’s You Tube Channel, RightOutTV’s Facebook Page and Twitter.  
  • Artists/bands/writers will receive no payment or royalties for the airing of their videos/songs on RightOutTVAwards.com or RightOutTV.com or anywhere else on the internet the videos and songs are played. 
  • Artists/bands/writers grant non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide rights to RightOutTVAwards.com and RightOutTV.com to present the submitted content. In the event that such content contains the work of other individuals or organizations including any copyright, trademark, patents and any other proprietary rights included therein, the artists/band/writers understand that it is their responsibility to secure any necessary permissions and/or licenses and will not hold RightOutTV and its affiliates responsible for any failure to do so.  
  • Artists/bands/writers grant permission for RightOutTVAwards.com and RightOutTV.com to use their content in any marketing endeavors which promote their music/videos and RightOutTV. 
  • Artists/bands/writers who submit to the RightOutTV Awards will automatically be considered for the free promotional LGBTI community at RightOutTV.com unless otherwise requested. 
  • A fee of $15.00 US is applied to all nominations. 
  • Rules, Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.


  • Representatives of an Independent Artist/Group or Duo may submit nominations on their behalf. Applications to nominate artists or groups must be completed online at the official RightOutTV Music & Video Awards website at www.RightOutTVAwards.com before the posted deadline date to be eligible to receive awards.
  • JUDGING ROUND 1  - International Selection Juries comprised of arts and entertainment industry professionals nominate up to five (5) contenders in each category. 
  • JUDGING ROUND 2 - Once nominees are determined, names will be posted on the RightOutTV Awards website at www.RightOutTVAwards.com.  International Selection Juries will determine the final winners in each category excluding the Fan Fave Artist Award.

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