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Music & Video Awards
                                           LGBT Artist Promotion 
WATCH the 2014 LGBT RightOutTV Music & Video Awards
The NOMINEES for the 2014 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards  announce the WINNERS of this years' awards!
RightOutTV Music & Video Awards promote and honor
the contributions Out artists make to the LGBTI community and music industry.

RightOutTV was created to provide a visual and audio vehicle for LGBTI artists to tell their stories, share their talent and help unify the International LGBTI music community. 

RightOutTV's Mission is to support and raise awareness of Out artists who live authentically and openly in their lives and careers and to always have their best interests at heart.​         

RightOutTV producers, Marlee Walchuk & Tully Callender were inducted into the GLBT Hall of Fame for the creation of RightOutTV and for the impact RightOutTV has as a resource for the GLBT arts community and the community at large.
I am so honored to have won "Best Folk Song" in the 2014 @RightOutTV Music Awards! Congrats to all the nominees and winners! #FOLKYEAH!
~Sarah Golden
Congrats to all of the winners !!!!!! Blessings and love to everyone involved!!
Thanks Marlee and Tully and Len. YOU ROCK!
~Rev Yolanda

WOW, what a show, and what a privilege to be a part of it all! Congrats
to all of you for making something so special. Our LGBT music and videos
are something to be VERY proud of. Special congrats to all winners,
especially my friend Jamie Anderson - 2 awards, WOW!!! Suzanne Nuttall,
what a beautiful Postcard From Toronto you made - I'm thrilled to have
been woven into that amazing presentation. And Caroline Murphy, I LOVED
your presentation for the Best Spiritual/Jazz/Blues/Instrumental Song! I
guess I'll have to comfort myself with some Ben & Jerry's ice cream now...

Anyway, I'm so proud of all of us, and grateful for RightOUT TV and all
that you do to promote our wonderful LGBT music music fans around the

Big hugs,
Anna Gutmanis

La chanson des vieux amants a gagné l'award pour clip vidéo le plus émouvant aux RightOutTV Music & Video Awards 2014!
"La chanson des vieux amants" won the award for best moving music video at the RightOutTV Music & Video Awards 2014!

Thanks to Daniel Wyss (director), Bastien Genoux (head operator), Sophie Richard (make up), Catherine d'Oex and my man for his unconditional love and support !
and many thanks to Tully Callender, Marlee Walchuk and the judges!
This made my day! YEAH!
~Steven Gallavin
Holy Moly, you guys! I can't believe it! WOW! I WON the 2014 RightOutTV Fan Fave contest! A HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to all of my family, friends and fans who voted, retweeted, and shared the voting link. This would not have happened without YOU as this contest was based purely on public voting. You have no idea how much your support means to me. I am so incredibly honored. THANK YOU!

As if THAT'S not exciting enough, I'm also incredibly honored and proud to announce that my ‪#‎song‬, "One Time Around" off my new ‪#‎album‬, Out Among The Wolves, WON Song of the Year! WOW!!! A HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to RightOutTV and all of the judges. I am SO happy!!!
Congratulations to ALL of the 2014 RightOutTV Music & Video award winners and family! I am in awe of all of the talent out there!
~Kevin Wood
WOS creator @BreeNoble was honored to help judge the @RightOutTV music awards. Watch the show and find out who won: dld.bz/dzUTc

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2014 @RightOutTV Awards. Great job, everyone!
~Ramona Montanez
2014 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards SONG OF THE YEAR WINNER!!! I am SO excited for you Kevin Wood!!! I'm just beside myself with happiness!
~Laurie Monroe Bird
Congrats to all the winners at RightOutTV!! An honour and joy to have been nominated in 3 categories this year and to have been a presenter at the show!!
~Norine Braun
Summer Osborne played this kick ass song for us during rehearsal one day and told us we were adding it to the show playlist. As usual, we loved it, the song was called "This is your call". We rocked out on stage with it every show and people loved it. Then tragedy hit my family and we lost my beautiful nephew who was only 18 years old. I asked Summer to sing at his funeral as Matt loved her music. I remember she wrestled over and over with what song to sing as she knew there would be a lot of teen agers there and she wanted it to be just right. She also knew how Matty Massacrɇ was a strong advocate for LGTB kids and he loved her music so much. She called me one morning very excited because she felt she had the answer, an answer she believed came from Matthew. So she began to play a very deep and slowed down version of the song "this is your call" to me over the phone. All of a sudden the song was not just a kick ass rock song we played during the second set. It was more than ever a song with a message. I could **feel** the words, I could feel the pain and I could feel the hope. I could actually hear Matthew singing the song with her. I could see him sitting there listening to every word. I could feel his spirit. After many many tears later Summer has now won "Best Song With A Social Message" for this song on RightOutTV music and video awards. 
A well deserved award and one that I am sure my nephew has claimed to fame on the other side. To this day this song is known as "Matthews song" and Summer dedicates it and plays it the way she did at Matt going home ceramony. What a story this song carries and it is something that I believe will never fade or die. It's my nephews song after all. Thank you Summer and congrats on this win. I love and miss you very much.
~Lisa Rogers Sahani
Yay! It was an honor to be part of the awards - congrats all - and I'm especially happy for the Best Video Pro WINNER Michael V. Doane. Well deserved!
~Andrew Suvalsky
 A big heartfelt thank you to the judges & RightOutTV for the honor. This video came together via a big talented group of pure ‪#‎LOVE‬ and I'm forever grateful to everyone involved! Love the RightOutTV Family! Thank YOU!
~Michael V. Doane
I am so proud of my wins. As I watched the clips from other nominees I thought, nah, I'll never win ...

I am blown away by the talent in all of the categories. I wish I had a million dollars to produce a big festival and invite everyone. 

Thanks to Marlee and Tully for putting this on. I know it must have been a ton of work.

Y'all rock. And folk. And all kinds of genres. Congrats to all the winners.

~Jamie Anderson
Thank you Marlee and Tully and Right Out TV Awards for my nomination. The awards presentation was very cool, great job!

Congrats to all the @RightOutTV Award winners!
~Steve Sims
AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH MY TRACK 'STOP PLAYING THE FILM' WON THE AWARD FOR 'BEST POP SONG' AT THE 2014 LGBT RIGHTOUT MUSIC AWARDS!!!! SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! This is the first award I have ever won for my music so am feeling very emotional! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much! I'm so happy I feel like I'm sliding down a rainbow!! Amazing x x x x x
~ Alex Woburn
What a great show!!! Thank you so much for all the work you put in to this year's show and for showcasing such diverse LGBT talent from around the world. I'm so honored to have been nominated and to present an award this year. Thank you for continuing to include me, and congratulations to YOU!
Avi Wisnia

Click Here for the WINNING Songs and Videos
Well Wishes and Thank You's!
Kevin Wood, WINNER of the Fan Fave Award and Song of the Year
Jamie Anderson, WINNER for Best Spiritual/Jazz/Blues or Instrumental Song
Janet Whiteway WINNER for Best Song So Far
Jamie Anderson WINNER for Best Performance in a Live Video
Matt Zarley WINNER for Best Electronic or Dance Song
Michael V. Doane WINNER for Best Video PRO
I'm absolutely thrilled to have won the 2014 RightOutTV Award for Best Lyric Video! I'm sharing this award with all of my amazing fans around the world who submitted their photos for this special video project and helped to create a wonderful celebration of international LGBTQ Pride. A huge, heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Also, a big thanks and shout out to Ken Wilcox for his brilliant animation and a huge thank you to all the RightOutTV judges and to Marlee and Tully for all their hard work in bringing us these awards and the show. I'm very proud to be a part of the RightOutTV family and sending huge congrats to all the talented winners and nominees!

Matt Fishel x
Acceptance Speeches
I.K.P. WINNER for Best Video So Far
RightOutTV Awards producers, Tully Callender & Marlee Walchuk
RightOutTV thanks our 2014 Media Sponsors!
Steven Gallavin (with Catherine d’Oex from Switzerland) WINNER for Most Moving Video
 "I can't express how excited I am to be apart of the movement of creativity, talent, and pride of the lgbt community for rightout music awards. It feels amazing to able to share my music confidently and be be embraced for it, thanks to everyone who voted and thanks to everyone for listening!!!" D'Lance Jones
Megan Lane WINNER of Best Rock Song